BBI Is 1 hour 20 minutes of batters trying to hit as many runs as possible in a limited amount of time, with bowlers firing in deliveries to cramp you up and fielders within 2 metres of you darting for the ball to run you out and save runs! This is all happening in a fully enclosed 10m x 30 m Net. The intensity is Insane!


There are 4 Batting pairs all receiving 4 x 6 ball overs each. Batters need to be able to place their shots to be able to make the 12 metre crease at the other end. Receiving a run, plus BONUS RUNS for hitting different sections of the net. The further away the net the more runs you can hit! For example if you hit a 6 plus the run means you can hit 7 off one delivery!! This can mean a lot of runs scored…… BUT! If you get OUT! In particular run out or caught off the rebounding nets you LOSE 5 RUNS!! To keep things even more interesting, there is the 3rd BALL RULE! You are permitted to face 2 consecutive balls without scoring, once that 3rd ball comes down RUN!! Or you will be run out.


The court is divided in to 2 halves. Front half / Back half allowing the fielding team to have 4 players per half. Front half consists of  Wicket Keeper, point, cover 1, leg 1. Back half consists of a Bowler, Sweep, cover 2, leg 2. These players must not cross the centre line until the delivery has been bowled. Even the Batter will need to be on guard at all times because THE BALL IS ALWAYS LIVE!

The main objective is to first take wickets but just as important to JUMP, DIVE and SLIDE to save runs by keeping the ball from hitting the net. Your own intensity in fielding will create RUN OUTS with pressure on running between the wickets.


Our action packed game keeps everyone in it, until the very end as one single over can turn the momentum of any game at anytime! With centres across the state, ignite your white line fever and join in and have a BLAST/BASH!

There is a team waiting for you!

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