How is everyone going during the current Covid craziness?? We hope everyone is keeping well and staying safe!! Today would have been Round 1 of the 2020 Winter INPL and BBI season, but instead we find ourselves eagerly awaiting the current COVID-19 restrictions to be relaxed and allow us to get back out doing what we all love – SPORT!! SA is doing so well as a state with no new cases over the past week! Luckily the government has announced that restrictions may be lifted sooner than expected which is fantastic news but they need our support. One huge factor in determining when these will lift is the use of the Governments Covid App.
We need as many downloads as possible to see us back soon!! The link can be found here 👇👇 With this news, ISSA are currently planning out what the winter format may now look like. So stay tuned for updates from us and your clubs over the coming weeks! Keep safe, be kind and support each other!! Regards, Indoor Sports SA



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