Gotta be in it to win it!!! Tomorrows your last day to get those photos and short videos in for your chance to win on of 3 prize Packs. We’ve seen some great ones so far keep them coming. Get those creative juices flowing and get posting!!! Winners will be announced Saturday, 6th June.

All good news deserves a celebration, are we right? With SA being the lead state when it comes to controlling Covid, the news of restrictions easing means we are one step closer to our centres re-opening and hopefully sooner than we expected!! Because we know you’re all missing indoor as much us, Lets have a little fun!! To celebrate the efforts of SA and the view of centres opening sooner rather than later, ISSA invite you all to participate in our very own “ISSA-gram” 📸 Post a photo or short video, of you or your friends in your choice of team or centre colours, can be recent or old school (who doesn’t love a throw back honestly 🤣 ) striking your favourite sports pose! ISSA will be… More


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