ISSA wishes to advise that our AGM to be held Sunday 27/11 will still be going ahead.

In light of the current Covid restrictions, this will now be held wholly via Zoom from 6pm.

Zoom link can be found here
or please visit for link and further information.

Voting information will be forward to your email in the next day.
*Note* anyone under the age of 18 who does not have an email address of their own or did not at the time of your last registration, all AGM info has been forwarded to the most recent email address registered. This may be a parent or caregiver.
If you have registered your child under a parents email, you are permitted to vote on the child’s behalf if you chose to do so.

We take this time to wish you all well and send our thoughts to those affected during the current outbreak.

Stay Safe everyone and look after each other!!

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