Please see attached update from WICF regarding the upcoming world cup and Junior World Series.

📣 Important Announcement 📣 World Cup and Junior World Series 2021 UPDATE

May be an image of text that says "World Indoor February 2021 The WICF agair 2021 last calendar. which about offs main parameters direction. examined ureents. financially prohibitive?) could decision lightly, as realise that World disappointment. international sport would hold many these Juniors, this will probably been events huge hope that Covid-19 situation. Currently most some ort ock Dowr untenable some international WICF's this ear evaluate situation by series countries that keep an ye end fJuly alive close your patience and reac return ea game Indoor Cricket. plan 2022 August during players when time, keep sport ocal love laying Best Tony Watkins WICF Board World Indoor Cricket"


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